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Magnolia Surfboard Shaper Dustin Lara



Based out of the sleepy surf town of Dana Point California, Magnolia Surfboards was founded. Founder and Shaper Dustin Lara established Magnolia Surfboards in 2018.  There are as many surfboard variations as there are waves to ride them on. Magnolia Surfboards is our contribution to your ride. 

We at Magnolia Surfboards strive to provide a creative, functional and progressive custom surfboard at a fair price. We build our boards partly at our faciality's in San Clemente  California, home of world know surf breaks such as Trestles, San Onofre, T-Street, Churches, and much more. The Magnolia Surfboard brand is for all those who ride waves with your friends. For those warm summers and evening surfs. The bonfire memories and soul of what surfing really stands for . We hope you enjoy our surf shapes. 



Dustin Lara
Shaping bay.heic
Julie Scott
Mike Hunter 
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